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Whole Animal Butchery was born out of a simple desire to feed our dogs and cats with fresh food.

The last decade of feeding them a biologically appropriate high-protein diet has seen amazing transformations in the health and wellness of our animals – freedom from endless medication and persistent scratching, recovery from bald and red skin, shinier and healthier looking coat. We have witnessed for ourselves and others what truly fresh food without additives and synthetic chemicals can do for our pets. This is not what the conventional pet food companies would have you believe. 

We want as many people to see and feel the difference, so we started this company to educate pet owners. 

Whole Animal Butchery was created to bring us closer to our food sources.

In Singapore, we import majority of our meat and vegetable produce. We get many premium cuts like ribeye and sirloin but these popular cuts are only yielded from less than 20% of the animal’s catch weight. This means more than 80% of the animal meat is wasted. Rest of the fresh slaughter which is unmarketable gets sold for further processing so we get things like dirt cheap sausages or pet food with tons of additives. 

We believe that people’s biases in food choices result from lack of information and transparency about meat protein.  Consequently, this creates huge excesses in meat processing and wastage, which further strains our food ecosystem. 

We import the whole animal carcass and process them fresh using different parts to create a holistic and balanced meal (with no additives! just fresh meat and some vegetables) for our dogs and cats. 

It started with our family and because of our love for our dogs and cats, we met more people along the way who shared the same vision. This community keeps us going and we invite you to get in touch with us if you’re interested to know more about what a fresh food diet can do for your dogs and cats.

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