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Quality Meats for Pets. Made in Singapore.

What they love about us

Freshness Guaranteed

Using restaurant-grade quality and fresh meats and produce, have a peace of mind when feeding our products.

Made Locally

Made locally under the approval and strict supervision of Singapore's Animal & Veterinary Service.


We use only ingredients 100% biologically appropriate for our dogs and cats. If you have specific questions for us, we're a call away.

Why Feed

Supports a healthy and shiny coat

Less skin allergies & irritation

Strong immune system

No preservatives or additives

Top Picks


BARF Patties, Ready Meals & Meal Topper

Suitable for BARF or Single-Protein Diets

We made these using premium air-flown ingredients. If you're a busy pet parent who wants the best nutrition for your dog or cat, these meat patties are easy to feed or add-on during mealtimes.

kangaroo meat


Hypoallergenic Protein

Organic lean meat with only 2-3% fat level, Kangaroo has the highest level of CLA in a single protein. Highly recommended by vets for dogs suffering from sensitive skin and multiple food allergies.

rabbit meat for dogs and cats


Hypoallergenic & Suitable For Seniors

A recommended hypoallergenic protein for dogs with sensitive skin and multiple food allergies! Our rabbits are a rich source of protein and Vitamin B. They are farm-raised with no antibiotics or growth hormones. 

fresh sardines for dogs and cats

Wild-caught Sardines

Natural Omega-3s

These baby sardines are a nutritional powerhouse! Wild-caught goodness and flash frozen on sea. These are great sources of Omega-3 for all dogs and cats. 

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