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Fresh Food For Pets. Made in Singapore.

Our Fresh Pet Food Range


Ready Meals & Meal Topper

Locally made using premium air-flown meats. If you're a busy pet parent who wants the best nutrition for your dog or cat, these meat patties are easy to feed as main diet or used as toppers to their dry food.

kangaroo meat


Truly organic, lean with only 2-3% fat level and the highest level of CLA in a single protein. Our Kangaroo comes from the primal parts inspected for human-grade consumption. Works for fussy eaters!

rabbit meat for dogs and cats


Rabbits are a rich source of protein and Vitamin B. They are farm-raised to ensure healthy and great tasting meat! Suitable for senior dogs.

fresh sardines for dogs and cats

Wild-caught Fish

Wild-caught sardines and mackerel and frozen with no additional chemicals added. Supply depends on seasonality.

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