Fresh Food For Dogs & Cats

Human-grade Quality. Made in Singapore.

fresh food

Animal & Veterinary Approved

Made in a local facility inspected and approved by the Singapore’s Animal & Veterinary Service. All fresh foods are handled in our very own Whole Animal Butchery kitchen so we have the highest degree of control possible on the quality of our produce. We go above and beyond to ensure the stringency of cold chain practices to ensure fresh meats are always delivered to your doorstep. 


We carefully source our ingredients from responsible and honest suppliers. Only fresh, human-grade quality meats and vegetables make it into our kitchen. We’re confident your dogs and cats will tell the difference.

freshness guaranteed
fresh food for dogs and cats


We keep your pets safe by using only food ingredients which are biologically suitable for them. We empower owners with knowledge and solutions to feed their dogs and cats the required nutritional needs at every life-stage. It’s our mission to make fresh food feeding the best decision they could possibly make for their pets.

Why Feed

Supports a healthy and shiny coat

Strong immune system

Less skin allergies & irritation

No preservatives or additives

Top Picks


BARF Patties, Ready Meals & Meal Topper

Suitable for BARF or Single-Protein Diets

We made these using premium air-flown ingredients. If you're a busy pet parent who wants the best nutrition for your dog or cat, these meat patties are easy to feed or add-on during mealtimes.

kangaroo meat


Hypoallergenic Protein

Organic lean meat with only 2-3% fat level, Kangaroo has the highest level of CLA in a single protein. Highly recommended by vets for dogs suffering from sensitive skin and multiple food allergies.

rabbit meat for dogs and cats


Hypoallergenic & Suitable For Seniors

A recommended hypoallergenic protein for dogs with sensitive skin and multiple food allergies! Our rabbits are a rich source of protein and Vitamin B. They are farm-raised with no antibiotics or growth hormones. 

fresh sardines for dogs and cats

Wild-caught Sardines

Natural Omega-3s

These baby sardines are a nutritional powerhouse! Wild-caught goodness and flash frozen on sea. These are great sources of Omega-3 for all dogs and cats. 

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