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Please read the Terms Of Use carefully before using our website www.wholeanimalbutchery.sg, and/or our Services as defined in the section below. 

By continuing to use the website and/or placing an order at www.wholeanimalbutchery.sg and/or through other sales channels, you are deemed to have accepted the Terms Of Use and you are aware of your legal rights and obligations with respect to the agreement with Intrepid Asia Ventures Pte Ltd (hereafter “we”, “our”, or “us”).  Where you are using our website and/or Services on behalf of another person or entity, you confirm that you are authorised to, and do in fact, agree to these Terms Of Use on that person’s and/or entity’s behalf. 

We reserve the right to change, vary, amend, modify wholly or part thereof any of these Terms of Use without prior notice.  Unless otherwise stated, any change takes effect immediately. You are responsible for ensuring you are familiar and updated with the latest Terms Of Use. 

Website And Services

Our website and/or Services will include a non-exhaustive list of content, products and services through: 

  • Any physical or digital content, information, product, data, images, graphics, audio and other types of media
  • Advisory information provided through the website and/or all media and communication channels 
  • Emails, SMS, or any other telecommunication channels

We reserve the right to change, modify, amend or withdraw wholly or any part of the Services at any time without prior notice. Without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to us, if we consider that you have breached these Terms or we otherwise consider it appropriate, or any user potentially using for malicious or criminal purposes, we may immediately, and without notice, suspend or terminate your access to our website (in whole or in part) and/or Services. 



To the extent permitted by law, we have no liability or responsibility to you or any other person and/or entity for any loss in connection with:

  1.  the website and/or Services being unavailable (in whole or in part) or performing slow;
  2. any error in, or omission from, any information made available through the website and/or Services; 
  3. any site linked from the website;
  4. any third-party products or representations and/or warranties made expressly or impliedly by third-party manufacturers;
  5. any third-party sellers, distributors, or re-sellers of our products and/or Services which are not directly provided and/or delivered by Whole Animal Butchery in-house delivery personnel;
  6. any third-party claiming to be a representative or agent of Whole Animal Butchery
In the event that any of such instances (#4-6) may potentially arise, you are required to clarify with us by sending an email to us at hello@wholeanimalbutchery.sg and ensuring that a clarification has been properly provided for. 

While we make every effort to ensure the website and/or Services is accurate and complete, we do not make any express or implied warranties in connection with any product or service. 

While Whole Animal Butchery enjoys a good track record in product quality and customer service, we encourage users to seek appropriate counsel and err on the side of caution in situations of doubt, and always seek veterinarian support before the purchase and usage of any product for their pet. 


These Terms Of Use and any dispute relating to these Terms are governed by and must be interpreted in accordance with the law of Singapore. Each party submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Singapore. 


Last Update: January 2023