WAB Calcium

Suitable for Cats and Dogs on a raw or cooked diet that have no bone component or calcium added. No preservatives, additives or artificial flavourings added.

**Recommended for supplemental feeding only**


  • – 100% pure eggshell powder, freshly produced locally in an AVS Certified Facility
  • – Recommended for cats and dogs above 12 months of age

Ingredients: Eggshell powder, 350g/bottle


  • – Calcium with added phosphorus to support healthy growth
  • – From non-animal sources – ideal for puppies and kittens with multiple protein allergies
  • – Recommended for cats and dogs under 12 months of age

Ingredients: Di-calcium phosphate, 200g/bottle




1. How much calcium does your pet need?

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has well-documented Calcium and Phosphorous levels required for healthy cats and dogs.

Kittens and puppies generally require larger amounts of Calcium and Phosphorus, while the ratios of Calcium to Phosphorus for both adults and puppies have to be balanced over time. For adult dogs/cats, AAFCO guidelines stipulate at least 1.25-1.5g/1,000kcal of Calcium and 1-1.25g/1,000kcal of Phosphorus. For puppies/kittens, AAFCO guidelines stipulate at least 2.5-3.0g/1,000kcal of Calcium and 2-2.5g/1,000kcal of Phosphorus.

2. What’s the best source of calcium?

Fresh raw bones.

WAB has always been and is a loyal advocate of fresh food feeding. Our preferred approach is always to feed natural sources. However, there are circumstances where natural sources are not available or suitable for your pet, and consuming fresh raw bones or bone treats may potentially cause more harm than good.

3. What’s the problem with home-cooked or home-made diets?

An alarming majority of home-made diets face two problems:

  1. They are deficient in Calcium, and
  2. They do not have properly balanced Calcium to Phosphorus ratios.

Long-term consumption of a diet that’s nor properly balanced may cause weak bones and other skeletal issues.  If fresh raw bones are not suitable or available, pet owners need to seek a solution to supplement these home-made diets.

4. Why do you have two different formulations?

Adult Calcium is 100% eggshell powder. Growth Calcium is 100% Dicalcium Phosphate to meet the higher calcium requirements and keeping the Calcium: Phosphorus ratio within AAFCO limits.

Most pet shops may only carry a generic formulation for “all life stages”. In our view, this is not ideal, as puppies and kittens have different nutritional requirements from adult dogs and cats, and meeting one set of requirements will almost mean putting the other at risk of other health issues due to overconsumption or undernourishment.

We have adopted a life-stage sensitive approach to ensuring nutritional requirements from both groups are adequately met.

5. What differentiates WAB’s products?

Apart from our life-stage sensitive approach to nutrition, our products are easy to use, convenient and you do not have to worry about not meeting the right calcium/phosphorus ratios.

6. Why Dicalcium Phosphate instead of a natural source for Growth Calcium?

Meeting AAFCO standards is a high priority for pets in their growth phase, as young animals are more vulnerable to nutritional deficiencies which may cause a compromised immune system and longer-term health issues.

Dicalcium Phosphate is clean, nutritious and safe for pets with multiple skin and food allergies. Using Dicalcium Phosphate also allows us to provide the necessary nutrition and meet the stringent growth requirements more precisely. While relying only on natural sources may risk deficiency as natural sources tend to be more varied in nutrition and provenance.

In our risk-based approach, therefore, the foundation of a diet is always fresh food, comprising fresh meats and vegetables. We recommend these Calcium products for supplemental feeding purposes only, so as to meet specific AAFCO Calcium to Phosphorus requirements.

7. Will Dicalcium Phosphate cause my pet to develop kidney stones?

Not if it’s used appropriately. An overdose of Dicalcium Phosphate may cause problems long-term, as with anything consumed in excess. Please follow the feeding instructions on the product label, or consult with a professional if your pet has special medication conditions.

As puppies and kittens mature into adults, their nutritional requirements evolve and pet owners may consider giving them fresh raw bones or use our Adult formulation which is made of 100% eggshell powder – a natural source of calcium.

8. What is the difference between Dicalcium Phosphate and Eggshell powder?

The main difference between Dicalcium Phosphate and eggshell powder is the existence of phosphorus. Eggshell powder only provides a source of calcium while Dicalcium Phosphate provides both calcium and phosphorus. This makes it more suitable for young animals who have higher phosphorus requirements than their adult counterparts.

9. My pet is on a diet that is already complete and balanced – can I add this into their meals for an extra nutritional boost?

WAB Calcium products are designed to help supplement raw or home cooked diets. We do not advise pet owners to add these products into diets that are already complete and balanced as this will result in a surplus of calcium (and phosphorus, where applicable) which may result in health issues.

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