Turkey Breast Chunks

Boneless unbrined turkey breast. Hormone growth promotant and antibiotic-free with no added sodium or artificial flavouring

  • Available in 500g cubes, 500g patties or 1kg mince



Turkey is an all-time favourite for fussy dogs and cats! Our Free-Range Turkey comes from New Zealand, where it is ranch-raised and fed a natural, non-GMO diet. They are also unbrined – this means that there is no added sodium, salt or artificial flavourings which typically go into the standard Turkeys which you buy from the supermarkets! It’s 100% natural and safe for our pets.

Our Turkey Breast are skinned and pre-cut into boneless frozen chunks. It’s so easy to feed them as part of a raw diet as you can easily portion and thaw only what you need. For cooked diets, gently cook the turkey breast on low heat to retain a juicy texture. Turkey breast is rich in protein and easily digestible even for senior dogs.

For pets new to raw, Turkey breast is an excellent transition protein. As a white meat option with low fat content, it also makes it a preferred choice for pets who have sensitive stomachs, pancreatitis and kidney/liver issues.

Nutritional Content (per 100g of turkey breast)

  • Protein: 23.6g
  • Fat: 1.5g
  • Calories: 114kcal

Elimination Diet

For pets with allergies requiring an elimination diet, simply mix our turkey breast chunks or mince with 1 or 2 veggies your pet tolerates well. If in doubt, stay away from sweet vegetables like sweet potato, pumpkin or carrots. For every 70g of meat add approximately 20 to 30g of vegetables. Vegetables should be chopped finely or blended for better absorption.


  • Add eggshell powder as a natural source of calcium for strong and healthy bones

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