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Turkey Breast Chunks (Frozen)


Turkey Breast Chunks (Frozen)

  • Boneless cubes
  • Weight: 500g
  • Hormone growth promotant and antibiotic free with no added sodium or artificial flavouring



Turkey is an all-time favourite for fussy dogs and cats! Our Turkey comes from USA, where it is ranch-raised and fed a natural, non-GMO diet. They are also unbrined – this means that there is no added sodium, salt or artificial flavourings which typically go into the standard Turkeys which you buy from the supermarkets! It’s 100% natural and safe for our pets.

Our Turkey Breast are pre-cut into boneless frozen chunks. It’s so easy to feed them as part of a raw diet. For cooked diets, gently cook the turkey breast on low heat to retain a juicy texture. Turkey breast is rich in protein and easily digestible even for senior dogs.

Suitable for all life-stages.


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