Grass Fed Lamb Cubes

Boneless lamb leg from Australia/NZ.

  • Weight: 500g cubes or 1kg mince
  • Type: Frozen Cubes, Raw
  • Grass-fed origin, premium human-grade quality

Note: Current batch is from Australian lamb leg which is higher in fat, for pet’s that have sensitive stomachs, pancreatitis or have a fat intolerance, we recommend considering other leaner proteins. If feeding this as part of a cooked meal, strain off the extra fat before feeding



Our great-tasting lamb cubes are sourced from ethically grown, grass-fed Australian Lambs! They are naturally grown and NEVER fed with genetically modified feed or injected with growth promotants.

Our grass-fed lamb cubes also richer in Omega fatty acids, providing loads of benefits for pets with poor coat and skin issues. Grass-fed lamb is a rich source of antioxidants and minerals and will appeal to even the fussiest of pets!

Our lamb cubes are easy to feed – for raw or cooked diets. Just pop it into their bowl for that additional boost of protein!

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