New to feeding fresh?
Here are 5 things you need to know.

  1. Fresh food is not an elixir. Don’t expect it to instantly fix problems caused by years of eating processed food.  By choosing to feed fresh, you’re making a decision that provides them the best possible resources to support healthy growth and build a strong immune system. The vets call this preventive care.
  2. It’s never going to be more convenient than feeding dry food. We make this easier for you by offering convenient options across our product range, but something good always requires a little effort on your part. Please understand that convenience comes at a cost and it’s often what you don’t see — additives, preservatives, extrusion.
  3. Balanced and complete are important concepts. Think of the food pyramid for humans. Our dogs and cats have something similar in their world. You need to offer them a variety of nutrition through meat, bones, vegetables and fruits (not necessary for cats).  If you’re unsure, there are many professional resources and trained pet nutritions who would readily support you if you ask. The fresh food community is large and growing strongly(!). And we’re also just one ring away — there’s no excuse.
  4. Start small is perfectly fine. If you’re new to feeding fresh — or a first time pet owner — start with adding some fresh (muscle) meat to your dog’s or cat’s bowl. Choose a protein that they’re currently eating or you know works for them, steam the meat lightly and watch them scarf their food down.
  5. Keeping a food journal helps. How many of us remember what we had for lunch 10 days ago? When you’re introducing new changes to your pet’s diet, make a note of the new changes, the date, observations about your pet and other relevant context (maybe changes to the environment, routine, or type of treats you’re feeding). These important data points help you (and also us) in identifying root causes in case any issue arises.

Feeding fresh is the best decision you can make for your furry companion. It’s a choice that pays for itself – with less health issues, less need for medication, less ‘scratching’ and much happier pets. They will thank you for that.