How-to videos


New to WAB?  Here is what you need to know:

  • You never need to thaw the whole bag of food; instead, portion out the amount of cubes or patties you need for each meal and store the rest in the freezer.
  • If you portion a week’s or a month’s meals in advance, we do not recommend thawing before portioning for each meal; instead, portion the food in their frozen state. This keeps the meats as fresh as possible for raw-feeding or home cooked diets.

The video below teaches you how to portion our meats.


If you’re new to raw feeding, consider starting with our patties! If your pet is currently on a highly processed diet such as kibble or canned food, starting with patties familiarizes them with chewing on fresh meats that are highly digestible and contain no additional preservatives. It’s easy to get started this way, before introducing other types of meats and foods.  Check out our step by step guide on preparing your first raw meal. 

If you’re looking to prepare a home-cooked meal for your pet, there are a few simple ways you can cook our food and some tips to ensure your pet thrives on a cooked diet! 


Depending on your pet’s dietary requirements, we recommend clients to ensure your pet gets sufficient nutrition by ensuring these in their diets 

  • a source of calcium, and 
  • a meal balancer that takes care of the essential vitamins and minerals that they will need depending on their life-stage.

If you’re starting with WAB cubes or patties, start by checking ingredients on the product labels. In the video below, we provide guidance on what you need to do if you’re feeding a raw or cooked meal prepared at home.