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If you can't find your answers, please speak with us directly!

We offer free delivery for orders above $80. Once an order is placed, we will send you a text or email to confirm delivery date and time. 



For all orders received, we aim to deliver to your preferred address within 5 working days. Kindly whatsapp or call 8792 8392 if you encounter any issues. 

We only source meats from AVA-approved establishments in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. All our meats have been inspected by AVA and respective health inspectors for quality assurance and food safety compliance.

When changing the diet of your pet, a proper transition plan will effectively ease him or her onto the new diet. There are many professional and online sources which you can use to start researching on preparing fresh diets for your pet. Having a basic understanding of their nutritional requirements and observing your pet is a great way to start! If you like to find out more, please text us at 8792 8392 or drop us an email at 

All our products will have their expiry dates stated on the labels. Generally, our frozen range stays fresh for 1-2 years from the time of manufacture. For our air-dried treats, we recommend consumption within 6 months. 

Yes! We produce them in our local facility in small batches following best the practices in human food manufacturing. All our ready meals are prepared in mind for the raw feeders, to minimise bacterial levels and increase raw food safety. 

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