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Why feed fresh food to our pets?

Some of us who hear stories about feeding “sashimi-grade” meats to dogs and cats may think pet owners these days are getting over the top… but where’s the truth in all these? While some stories may be blown out of proportion (for the record by the way, “sashimi-grade” is a marketing term, has no legally enforceable standards and therefore unregulated), we believe there are clear tangible benefits to feeding fresh food and good quality meats for our pets.

1. Play it safe and avoid the trap of deceitful pet food labels!

Research shows that pet food manufacturers get away with declaring the presence of any carcinogenic, inflammatory additives or adulterated ingredients. Why’s that? Because of dubious regulations that do not protect our companion animals! U.S. Pet food manufacturers are overseen by AAFCO (stands for Association of American Feed Control Officials) which is a voluntary body formed by US federal and local representatives but without regulatory authority. Yet, they are responsible for most regulation relating to animal feed and pet food.

2. Higher bioavailability and better absorption of nutrition are effects of our dogs and cats being fed a diet that's closer to their natural, wild diets.

 Dry kibble and typical pet food undergo high heat treatment with harmful chemicals and preservatives added to increase shelf-life and to mask the addition of dubious ingredients. Why save money now to spend more money later on medical treatments?

A study conducted in Stockholm, Sweden by Dr. Kollath showed that young animals fed a cooked, processed diet initially appeared to be healthy, but once they reached maturity, they began to rapidly age and develop degenerative disease symptoms. The control group that was raised on a raw, uncooked diet did not age as fast and showed no degenerative disease symptoms but remained healthy

3. Studies prove (and our own experience as well!) that dogs on a raw or cooked food diet have less of a doggy smell!

It’s funny to us how some unassuming pet owners say ‘dogs have doggy smell!’. What’s it all about? Did you know that bad smell usually means the presence of skin infections, ear infections, yeast, parasites or bacteria on the dog’s or cat’s body? This is often the result of bad immunity, food allergies or existing diseases that cause excessive skin secretions! The skin is one of the largest and most important organ that is responsible for detoxifying and eliminating toxic from their bodies! With a fresh food diet for them, you’ll quickly smell less of that doggy odour!

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