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3 Natural Remedies Every Pet Owner Should Know

Bone Broth

WAB’s very own frozen Bone Broth Cubes is packed full of natural collagen! Slow boiled using naturally-raised, antibiotic/hormone-free pork and duck bones over 48 hours, our Bone Broth Cubes thaws into a collagen-packed gel-ly treat for your dogs and cats. We use an enriching combination of bones, connective tissues and meat to ensure a variety of minerals and key nutrients, including calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Great way to spice up their meals with additional nutrients for a healthier coat and joint support, amongst other things.


For those whose furkid has just ended a course of antibiotics or taken medication, supplementing their meals with probiotics is an absolute must! Medication has the effect of killing bacteria in our digestive system  – both good and bad – indiscriminately. This means that their bodies’ immunity, which is dependent on the good bacteria, suffers and leaves the digestive system and body exposed to toxins and harmful bacteria.

A good way of replenishing beneficial bacteria is to additionally supplement their diet with natural Probiotics during mealtime.

Activated Charcoal

A bottle of activated charcoal is a definite must in cases of emergency! In the event that your furkid has ingested something toxic or poisonous, giving them a small dosage of activated charcoal helps prevent their digestive system from absorbing the harmful chemicals. It’s also an effective source of natural remedy for vomiting and diarrhoea.

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